“The Grandpappy of All Heat Waves”

IMGP6757_3There aren’t many things in life I detest but extreme heat is one of them. If I listen carefully I’m sure that’s the crackling of invisible flames I hear as the valley simmers in today’s sunshine. “The grandpappy of all heat waves,” quipped the TV meteorologist this morning, predicting it will last another week.


Sidewalks shimmer and a haze hangs over the valley turning skies into shades of murky steel blue.  A sharp-shinned hawk glides out of the evergreens on a lazy circle towards the pond, catching a current from earth’s furnace as he searches for supper.


It’s hard to concentrate on plot and characterization when my brain is melting. Energy oozes from my pores and I flick the fan switch a notch higher, hoping for revival.  Heat or no heat, this is my time to write.