Blame everything on the weather!

Streaks of clouds in pre-sunset peach and charcoal-purple cut through a cerulean sky. The weather is changing. There’s been intermittent light rain interspersed with brief sunny breaks through much of the past few days, but flurries are in today’s forecast. I don’t fuss over the weather. There’s a saying here on the west coast, “If youContinue reading “Blame everything on the weather!”

A Sunday Afternoon Meander

Beyond the brambles a creek runs shadowed. Overhung by hemlock, cedar and fir, and bordered by rocks buried in moss, it trickles a boundary between our property and the neighbour’s. In summer it’s almost non-existent, but now, filled by days of rain, it tumbles its way down shallow slopes to reach the marsh. Rain spattersContinue reading “A Sunday Afternoon Meander”

A Wet Welcome to Fall

. Rain spills from the sky, sloshing down my windows, washing away last month’s accumulation of dust, and puddling on the abandoned patio table. Trees reflect on the water-slickened deck, while tiny droplets hover on the edge of the eaves, swelling until they suddenly drip into oblivion. Elsewhere leaves are watered off limbs and intoContinue reading “A Wet Welcome to Fall”

There’s just no pleasing everyone…

It’s raining. You wouldn’t think there’s anything too significant in that fact. This is coastal British Columbia after all. But this is the first drop of moisture we’ve had in more than three weeks. In fact, weather records show there’s been only .6 mm of precipitation here in the last seven weeks. And that isContinue reading “There’s just no pleasing everyone…”