Publishing Realities

“You’re suggesting I have to do what? You’re kidding, right?” I know there are a number of people following this blog who are writers aspiring to become published authors. The vision of what that involves isn’t the same for all of us. Some see it as an exciting progression from the initial writing to signingContinue reading “Publishing Realities”

The Impossible Dream: what keeps you from giving up?

. If you were on Google’s home page anytime Wednesday, you will have noticed the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s 155th birthday was being celebrated by Google, who turned its logo into an undulating frequency wave. What I didn’t know about Hertz was that he died without realizing the significance of his research. Wikipedia says,Continue reading “The Impossible Dream: what keeps you from giving up?”

There’s a Conspiracy Against Writers

  Ernest Hemingway had lots to say on the subject of writing, some of it pretty discouraging. Take this, for example: “There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.” [Ernest Hemingway] That brought to mind other familiarContinue reading “There’s a Conspiracy Against Writers”

Interview with Canadian Author Laura Best

. I’m delighted to welcome Laura Best to my blog today. Laura has lived in the small community of East Dalhousie, NS her entire life. She was a contributor to Christmas in the Maritimes: A Treasury of Stories and Memories and A Maritime Christmas: New Stories and Memories of the Season, and her fiction hasContinue reading “Interview with Canadian Author Laura Best”

Keep Doin’ It

There’s nothing complicated about finding one’s way onto the road to success. At least, not for NY Times best-selling author Diana Gabaldon. In her interview with Dee-Ann Leblanc on the “Freelance Survivor” website she was asked for her most important piece of advice:             “Keep doin’ it.  Not only do youContinue reading “Keep Doin’ It”

Sound versus Silence

I suspect many of us who write are convinced that publication validates our efforts. Mystery/Suspense author Sandra Parshall said, “A writer needs readers to make the last link in the creative circle. A story that is never read by anyone other than its author is incomplete. It’s a bird singing in an empty forest.”  Continue reading “Sound versus Silence”