Carpe Diem for Writers

On her blog today Carol Benedict includes a music video of “Seize the Day” sung by Carolyn Arends.  Only one of the verses makes reference to writing a novel but the theme is one that reminds me of how important carpe diem is if I’m serious about my goals. . “Life slips away like hourglassContinue reading “Carpe Diem for Writers”

Time Management Strategies for Writers

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the problem of making time for writing. We’re inclined to think we face the same kind of time constraints as agents except the workload originates from a different source. Balancing demands against time seems to be a constant challenge. The complaint that crops up most often is thereContinue reading “Time Management Strategies for Writers”

A Daily Dose of Motivation

Everyone has an opinion about how to combat Writer’s Block. Whether believing it’s a mythical non-entity or a super-size monster, experts are quick to offer suggestions for overcoming a writer’s inability to make words materialize on the monitor.   The one I like best? “Just sit down, put pencil to paper (or fingers on keys)Continue reading “A Daily Dose of Motivation”