It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Ah-h-h … it’s here. Friday, at last. We’re on the eve of relaxation and tranquility once again. Ha! All during my school years Fridays heralded The Weekend. We loved our weekends and the freedom initiated by Friday afternoon’s final bell. Sympathetic teachers sometimes let us out of class a few minutes early. At least, we thought it wasContinue reading “It’s FRIDAY!!!!”

The Writer and An Addiction to Social Media

A comment left on my previous post reminded me why I began my venture into social media, AND why I have ever-so-slowly backed away again. Wendy Love said, I love reading ideas that concur with my own as this one does. As a writer/blogger I keep reading that I have to spread myself all over theContinue reading “The Writer and An Addiction to Social Media”

Putting the ‘friend’ into cyber friendships

On her blog a few years ago, author Jody Hedlund questioned if our modern cyber world is distorting the meaning of the word ‘friend’. She asked, “How would you define a true friend and can you find that kind of friendship in the cyber world?” I’ve often thought about that question but never really comeContinue reading “Putting the ‘friend’ into cyber friendships”

A Writer’s New Year

The last candle on the Advent wreath has been lit. We’re half way through the Twelve Days of Christmas and coming face-to-face with the New Year. There are so many bloggers posting about New Year’s resolutions that I hesitate to even mention the subject. Every year I tell you that I don’t make resolutions because I can’tContinue reading “A Writer’s New Year”

Some days are more conducive to writing than others. (Or are they?)

Bitter wind rattles the windows and flings icy pellets at the glass. The rhododendron leaves are curled into themselves, huddled against the cold. It’s wild and wintry outside … a good day to stay home, turn up the thermostat and catch up on the writing we’ve been meaning to do all week. Of course, it’s also aContinue reading “Some days are more conducive to writing than others. (Or are they?)”

Procrastinating on Snow Days

We had a friend, Nel, who maintained February always had at least nine sunny days.  She wasn’t a meteorologist but relied on her memory to substantiate the claim. When we started paying attention, it seemed as if she was right. February might be too soon to plant or mow, but nice days often had us outside,Continue reading “Procrastinating on Snow Days”

Having my say about procrastinating

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” Chinese Proverb To be honest, I have to admit this colourful male Varied Thrush was not singing. I’m not sure what he was doing — it looked more like a yawn, but it has prompted various potential captions:Continue reading “Having my say about procrastinating”

Sometimes it takes a little effort

Holidays don’t count, do they? I mean, if I pledge to write every day, I’m still entitled to take holidays off, aren’t I? Today is Victoria Day in Canada… it’s always the last Monday before May 25, a federal holiday when we commemorate Queen Victoria‘s birthday and also honour the official birthday of the current reigning sovereign,Continue reading “Sometimes it takes a little effort”

Looking for Perfection

Some of our family members will be moving soon. Others are hoping to. Over the past year we’ve helped both families scour real estate advertisements and follow umpteen For Sale signs in the hope of finding the perfect new home — the perfect location, the perfect condition, and the perfect features at the perfect price. Apparently it doesn’t exist. My hubbyContinue reading “Looking for Perfection”

Do we need ideal conditions to produce our best writing?

Wildflowers flourish all along BC’s highways. I don’t think you can drive for half a mile without seeing washes of colour paralleling the pavement. On my recent trip, while stopped in a construction zone, we admired blue Chicory (Cichorium intybus) mingled with cheery clumps of yellow Dune Tansy (Tanacetum bipinnatum). In this most unlikely locationContinue reading “Do we need ideal conditions to produce our best writing?”