Are you motivated by the destination or the journey?

There were just two daffodils in our entire yard. I know better than to plant tulips because the deer consider them a gourmet salad mix. But I’ve planted dozens of deer-resistant daffs and narcissus through the years, carefully selecting varieties said to be good naturalizers. The first year several bloom; the next only a few;Continue reading “Are you motivated by the destination or the journey?”

Some gifts are like showers of blessings

. Rain pours and puddles, splashing the grime of the deck onto our dove grey siding. Overfull eavestroughs spill waterfalls into the garden beds, and trees dribble on my head while I hurry to and from the car. As much as I don’t usually mind rain, I’m tired of weeks filled with dull, sodden days.Continue reading “Some gifts are like showers of blessings”

Chasing the Chill from a Snowy Spring Morning

. Mid-April, and it snowed yesterday! Through the early morning, soft flakes filtered down onto roof, railings and unsuspecting branches, whitening the spring landscape.   Busy chickadees, sparrows and a pair of red-winged blackbirds clung to the birdfeeder devouring nutty calories. I glanced up from my writing to watch them jostle for prime positions, andContinue reading “Chasing the Chill from a Snowy Spring Morning”

Sparks and Roaring Fires

Wind whipped branches into a frenzy and flung their few leaves to the ground. It was a wicked evening — the chill seeping through the glass of windows and french doors and sending me off in search of my sweater. Before long my husband lit a match and started a fire in the fireplace. AsContinue reading “Sparks and Roaring Fires”

Singing en masse

This afternoon we attended a “Festival of Praise”, a gathering of church choirs and musicians. It was an event I initiated ten years ago but when I retired as music director in our church I also passed the Festival reins along to someone else. It was lovely to be able to take part today sansContinue reading “Singing en masse”