Advent II – Peace

. This singular moment between seasons offers its own unique beauty. The calendar may say otherwise, but fall is over and winter hasn’t quite begun. .   Snow comes and goes while Leaves die and drop. Regret for the passing pairs with Anticipation for the coming. We rest in limbo And wait. * The season of PeaceContinue reading “Advent II – Peace”

“… ridged inch deep with pearl”

… . The snow had begun in the gloaming, And busily all the night Had been heaping field and highway With a silence deep and white. . Every pine and fir and hemlock Wore ermine too dear for an earl, And the poorest twig on the elm-tree Was ridged inch deep with pearl. . [JamesContinue reading ““… ridged inch deep with pearl””

Some gifts are like showers of blessings

. Rain pours and puddles, splashing the grime of the deck onto our dove grey siding. Overfull eavestroughs spill waterfalls into the garden beds, and trees dribble on my head while I hurry to and from the car. As much as I don’t usually mind rain, I’m tired of weeks filled with dull, sodden days.Continue reading “Some gifts are like showers of blessings”

A New Notebook for Words

. A brand new notebook! I’m giddy with excitement. Am I the only one who enters a store and heads straight for the stationery department? The only one to dally and daydream over choices before moving on to pick up other more mundane items on the shopping list? I have a stack of empty notebooksContinue reading “A New Notebook for Words”

Windows on Winter

Windows on winter Sun-blessed discoveries On a chilly morn Wandering ‘coon tracks Across my back deck Pressed in powdered snow Glimpses of beauty Branches of white lace Tree spears stretching tall Evergreens shiver Showering snow flakes To capture lost warmth Fresh winter snowfall Fluffy white crystals Dusting winter’s day ~ What’s your writing day like? CanContinue reading “Windows on Winter”