When Plan A Doesn’t Work Out

Ice crystals sparkle in the air, a silent symphony to accompany the winter sunshine. My boots crunch a pattern in the new fallen snow, weaving a path as I wander through the garden checking the birdfeeders and replenishing their supply of seeds. I wish it were as easy to renew my enthusiasm as it isContinue reading “When Plan A Doesn’t Work Out”

Pre-planning for NaNoWriMo

The start of our seriously silly writing challenge is now a mere one week away. If a participant is particularly good at free writing – putting pen to the page and writing for a specific period of time regardless of the scramble of words that pour out – it may not be necessary to doContinue reading “Pre-planning for NaNoWriMo”

I’m Not Here, I’m There

Today you’ll find me guest blogging at Joylene Butler’s blog. Joylene invited me to share with her readers my idea for a method of story design that is a compromise between plotting and “pantsing”. If you have a minute please pop over there and check it out. (Joylene Nowell Butler is the author of theContinue reading “I’m Not Here, I’m There”