Reaching, Stretching… Beyond the Limits of Our Comfort Zone

Today I’m introducing Zeke, the one feline in the family that has escaped my camera until recently.  Whenever we would visit she (yes, Zeke is female) put herself into hiding. She managed very well in her slightly chaotic household until additional people and another canine upset her norm. It wasn’t until our last visit thatContinue reading “Reaching, Stretching… Beyond the Limits of Our Comfort Zone”

Portraying Pets With Personality

Have you ever considered that animals have personalities? We’re on the move this week, visiting some of our family in BC’s Okanagan and Kootenays. All our families include dogs (although there is one cat among the canine crowd), and all of them get along well with each other. They may not tolerate the intrusion ofContinue reading “Portraying Pets With Personality”