Waiting on God’s Timing

God’s colour palette is awesome! It’s a little too early to see gorgeous fall shades developing, but even without them there is so much beauty in nature. My camera and I are always trying to capture it, but can never quite do it justice. There is a huge Ponderosa pine tree – also known asContinue reading “Waiting on God’s Timing”

Learning patience by birdwatching

Black caps and white cheeks flash past my windows as the chickadees flit to and from the birdfeeder, interspersed with the occasional nuthatch. They dart in to snatch a morsel, then swivel away on their rapid return to the trees. I sit with camera in hand and try to catch a photo, but on theContinue reading “Learning patience by birdwatching”

Patience may be a virtue, but….

. It was nearing dinnertime, at least for our Labrador. Hubby and I wanted to get the Christmas tree up first, so we ignored the blatant hints. Tynan’s a patient dog and finally lay down to wait.   . That was hard to ignore! As soon as the tree was secure and before any decoratingContinue reading “Patience may be a virtue, but….”