The effect of nurture… in a landscape, on a writer

. When I’m struggling through a bad writing day I’m always amazed at what happens when someone unexpectedly blesses me with a bit of encouragement. It’s nurturing. It’s like irrigation to a barren landscape. Nowhere is the impact of water more evident than in arid locales near Cache Creek in south central British Columbia. MyContinue reading “The effect of nurture… in a landscape, on a writer”


If I Had to Pick Just One Book…

Now that the weekend entertaining is done and the omelet pans washed, I’m putting my feet up and settling in for a quiet Monday morning read.   In mid-May I mentioned my shelf filled with books on writing.  In comparison to some writers, my library isn’t all that impressive. There are many more volumes thatContinue reading “If I Had to Pick Just One Book…”