Metamorphosis of a Cabin… ahem, I mean Novel

It started as an ugly shell – just hand-sawn timbers and rough plywood. Our wilderness cabin wasn’t meant to be anything more than a fishing shack, and that’s all it was for many years. Then the dynamics of our family changed and we decided it had cottage potential. We began to modify the shack toContinue reading “Metamorphosis of a Cabin… ahem, I mean Novel”

A Novelist’s Tools: Scrivener Software

Do you remember the archaic and clichéd image of the 19th century woman ducking into ye auld hat shoppe to find some frothy headpiece that would placate her frustrations? That’s so not me! Oh, I used to wear hats, at least to church. Didn’t every minister’s wife do the hat and white gloves thing? FortunatelyContinue reading “A Novelist’s Tools: Scrivener Software”

Talking About Writing, or Why My Eyes Glaze Over

“What do you do for a living?” I politely ask the woman sitting across from me at the annual luncheon. The hand lifting her fork pauses, eyes brighten as she shares what it is that fills her weekdays. . “I’m a media technician for the school district.” or “I work for the city, in theContinue reading “Talking About Writing, or Why My Eyes Glaze Over”

Have You Written a Novel?

NaNoWriMo statistics are out and they’re quite remarkable. Worldwide, participation was up 40% from last year and the number of winners, those who reached the 50,000 words, was up 48%. The numbers? 167,150 participants and 32,173 winners writing a total of 2,427,190,537 words. If you’re a stats geek you’ll find all the info here. .Continue reading “Have You Written a Novel?”