When Plan A Doesn’t Work Out

Ice crystals sparkle in the air, a silent symphony to accompany the winter sunshine. My boots crunch a pattern in the new fallen snow, weaving a path as I wander through the garden checking the birdfeeders and replenishing their supply of seeds. I wish it were as easy to renew my enthusiasm as it isContinue reading “When Plan A Doesn’t Work Out”

Facing the Unfamiliar With Confidence

We’re into a brand new year – a pristine wilderness awaiting our exploration. Among the comments on one of my recent posts was one that has stuck in my mind. A writing friend admitted that she faces the publication of her second novel with a degree of fear…. something she recognizes as mimicking an earlierContinue reading “Facing the Unfamiliar With Confidence”

Getting the Gears in Motion

Everyone but me seems to be packing away Christmas decorations, evaluating the past year and making resolutions for the new one. Everyone but me. Other people are clearing away their mental and physical clutter, ready to dive with fresh determination into 2010’s challenges. Me? I’m less than enthusiastic. . Part of me is ready toContinue reading “Getting the Gears in Motion”