#amwriting and #nanowrimo

There’s a lot being said about social networking these days – some of it good, and some not so much. I crept into the blogging world a couple years ago to initiate my internet visibility, and since then have discovered many wonderful online friends. Then I was coaxed into the world of Facebook, mostly toContinue reading “#amwriting and #nanowrimo”

To Network or Not

Two videos came my way this morning, both filled with statistics indicating that “Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate,” to put it in the words of Erik Qualman. I have no doubt it is. We writers are bombarded with messages encouraging us to take control of ourContinue reading “To Network or Not”

The Writers’ Community

Community is isn’t always what we think it is. The first definition that comes to mind is usually a neighbourhood – people who have little in common except that they happen to live on the same street. In the church we refer to the Christian community where there is a faith-based kinship.  But what isContinue reading “The Writers’ Community”

Writing Delay Tactics Revisited

Yesterday Rachelle Gardner gave her readers an opportunity to share how they use (or don’t use) social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and how they cope with the resulting time drain. Responses ran from those who interact via blogging but see anything else as a waste of time, to those who utilize everyContinue reading “Writing Delay Tactics Revisited”

Check List

Let’s see, toothbrush, alarm clock, camera and writing supplies plus all those important extras like my synopsis and business cards. Yes, I think I have everything packed. Oh, but I also need to tuck in a dose of reinforcement for my self-confidence and a smidgeon of determination.   I’m off to the Surrey International Writers’Continue reading “Check List”