What makes a good book stand out?

. Peach sunset colours fade to soft rose and lavender over a somber sea. “The heavens declare the glory of God.”  Gulls screech and dance in the stiff onshore breeze while a lone eagle disappears in the distance. I scuff through the sand and stones, always hopeful that I’ll discover a bit of sea glass. MyContinue reading “What makes a good book stand out?”

Windows on Winter

Windows on winter Sun-blessed discoveries On a chilly morn Wandering ‘coon tracks Across my back deck Pressed in powdered snow Glimpses of beauty Branches of white lace Tree spears stretching tall Evergreens shiver Showering snow flakes To capture lost warmth Fresh winter snowfall Fluffy white crystals Dusting winter’s day ~ What’s your writing day like? CanContinue reading “Windows on Winter”

Autumn Nostalgia

On the way into town today leaves fluttered from trees and floated across the road in windy disarray. So many barren branches compared to just a week ago. Now that clocks have been turned back, the extra few minutes of morning light are welcome, but evening sunsets are too early. It’s hard to steel myselfContinue reading “Autumn Nostalgia”

Unexpected Glimpses

Tiny sprigs of luscious new growth are appearing everywhere. It’s spring, so I shouldn’t be surprised by these sightings, especially since I’ve been waiting for them all winter. It’s the unexpectedness, though – the delight of discovery when I am glancing at one thing and suddenly notice something else – that catches me unaware andContinue reading “Unexpected Glimpses”

Autumn in Transition

  Another crystal white frost preceded today’s sunshine, touching the vivid garden colours with a wilting chill. Autumn is in transition here. Heavy pink hydrangea heads have now evolved into lacy beige puffs atop bare stems. Protected under those globular skirts are tiny buds, securely tucked away for the winter. Delicate ferns are now pale, uninterestingContinue reading “Autumn in Transition”

A Natural Kind of Beauty

There is nothing quite like the peaceful seclusion of a special place to bring refreshment to mind, body and spirit. Our lakeside retreat is remote. There is no public access and the nearest electricity is twenty kilometers away. Only one other home on the lake is occupied. The only sounds we hear are from natureContinue reading “A Natural Kind of Beauty”

Cheekiness Personified!

What a brat! We refill our birdfeeder whenever its emptiness threatens a famine for our favourite birds, usually once a week. Top-ups have been happening with increasing frequency, however, since a non-feathered diner discovered the easy pickings.   Yesterday the squirrel managed to dislodge the lid so he could climb right inside the seed-filled cylinder. Continue reading “Cheekiness Personified!”

Winter Metamorphosis

Long rays of late afternoon sunlight slant through snow-frosted trees behind our house. Frigid temperatures have already arrived although winter is still officially two days away.   There’s something about colours on a clear winter day that defies logic. Skies aren’t just blue, they’re a vivid azure. Evergreen trees change colour and become a blackenedContinue reading “Winter Metamorphosis”