Whose fault is it when writing stutters to a stop?

Words rush ahead, fling themselves onto the page and dare you to keep up. At least, that’s the way it seems when writing is going well. Scenes flash by in HD, rippling across the mind’s eye as the story unfolds. As much as I love those days, they aren’t typical of my writing life. ManyContinue reading “Whose fault is it when writing stutters to a stop?”

A Writing Talisman Can Provide Motivation

I just found an old post by Melissa Donovan on her Writing Forward blog that says, “In a sense, a writing talisman can be used to program your muse to come out and get to work, on cue,” and she offers some suggestions: choose something to be a creative writing talisman, “charge” the talisman toContinue reading “A Writing Talisman Can Provide Motivation”

Writing Delay Tactics Revisited

Yesterday Rachelle Gardner gave her readers an opportunity to share how they use (or don’t use) social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and how they cope with the resulting time drain. Responses ran from those who interact via blogging but see anything else as a waste of time, to those who utilize everyContinue reading “Writing Delay Tactics Revisited”