Re-entering the Writer’s World (i.e., Post Conference Determination)

This morning’s first rays of sunlight found a gorgeous place to touch down. The one and only Vine Maple on our acreage is visible from the kitchen windows and provided a wonderful first ‘welcome to Tuesday’ sight. I didn’t notice the colour yesterday. Monday was a grey morning, plus I have to admit my eyesContinue reading “Re-entering the Writer’s World (i.e., Post Conference Determination)”

I have miles to go…

In round numbers, we drove about 500 miles on a weekend in mid-July, then 600 more on a round trip to our Cariboo cabin in early August, and another 1000 to the Kootenays and back in the past couple weeks. I am always awestruck by the seemingly endless miles of wilderness in our province, and how long it takes to get anywhere.Continue reading “I have miles to go…”

Some days are more conducive to writing than others. (Or are they?)

Bitter wind rattles the windows and flings icy pellets at the glass. The rhododendron leaves are curled into themselves, huddled against the cold. It’s wild and wintry outside … a good day to stay home, turn up the thermostat and catch up on the writing we’ve been meaning to do all week. Of course, it’s also aContinue reading “Some days are more conducive to writing than others. (Or are they?)”

Do It Anyway!

Wow, did it ever rain yesterday! It pounded down, flooding over the eavestroughs, creating instant puddles, pelting the house with so much force it sounded like hail. Even the small, seasonal creek that runs through the trees along one side of our property became an honest-to-goodness stream for a time. It was a good day to hunkerContinue reading “Do It Anyway!”

Taking my own advice…

I attended a ‘Lobby Night’ presentation by my writers’ group last night — a very worthwhile event, but as I drove home in the descending darkness I realized how scratchy my eyes were. Unfortunately I had left writing this post until the end of the day and when I opened my laptop to begin, IContinue reading “Taking my own advice…”

Taking a risk; making a start

You know the feeling. That breathless, gasping ache for air as you force one foot ahead of the other, climbing one more step, and one more, and one more… desperate to reach the top. It may have been a challenge, a climb, a race, a chase. Or maybe you were recovering from surgery and pushingContinue reading “Taking a risk; making a start”

#WIPMADNESS Week #2 – Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Summer finally arrived here last week. The temperature yesterday reached 31+ C. (about 90 F.) — nothing comparable to what central Canada and much of the United States are experiencing, but hot enough for me. In last Friday’s post I asked, “How will you combat the distractions and/or inertia that often accompany hot weather holidayContinue reading “#WIPMADNESS Week #2 – Excuses, excuses, excuses!”

So, how’s your writing journey going?

. Sometimes it’s clear sailing, and sometimes… um, it’s not. During our December travels we encountered all kinds of weather. For the most part, the roads were good. On the homeward portion of the trip, as we left Cranbrook, BC, we traveled north for a time in a trench between two mountain ranges. It was a gloriousContinue reading “So, how’s your writing journey going?”

Making the most of your December writing time

. I sympathize with anyone who has a January editorial deadline, because there are so many December distractions. These last two weeks of December are probably the busiest time on our calendars. No matter how we celebrate Christmas (or don’t), there is so much to do as another year draws to a close. And evenContinue reading “Making the most of your December writing time”

A Vocation or Avocation?

. How we think of ourselves can determine how others think of us.  Our attitude affects our demeanor, and that in turn affects how others respond to us. What does this have to do with writing? I believe respecting our right to be serious about our writing can determine whether we become known as wordContinue reading “A Vocation or Avocation?”