Mornings, or maybe not…

Morning drifts into my consciousness, hesitates and leaves again. On its next attempt it flits and flickers like a butterfly darting from one flower to another. Oh, bother! I guess it really is time to wake up.

Eyes squinting against the light I ease out from under the duvet, stretch, stumble to the closet for my housecoat.  I wrap the lush velour close with a tug on its belt, sealing out the early chill.

Early? Who am I kidding? It’s 8:00 a.m. I am SO not a morning person! I think I’ve mentioned my fridge magnet before… the one that says, “I would like mornings better if they started at some other time of day.” My brain eases into gear slowly, reluctant to part with remnants of the night’s dreams, opening slowly to the new day… a morning glory unfurling. Okay, that’s a bit over the top. Maybe not so much like a morning glory.

Obviously I’m not a morning person. I’m in awe of writers who willingly leap from underneath the covers an hour before they have to, so they can squeeze in an extra hour of writing before the rest of their workday gets under way. My internal compass wouldn’t function at that hour; I’d never find my way to the computer let alone find words. If I have a choice I’ll always take midnight creativity over morning brain dredging.

How about you? Can you write efficiently whenever you set your mind to it, or have you identified your prime time?

Coffee on the Deck

The sun crept through the trees and peeked in my window enticing me out of bed earlier than usual with its promise of indigo skies and toasty temperatures. For sure it’s a coffee-on-the-deck morning. Birds are busy twittering their breakfast conversations as they search among the dewy garden plants. Theirs are the only sounds interrupting this serene Saturday morning. We have folks coming for an evening BBQ so will have to do some organizing later in the day, but for now there is a somniferous quality to the air suggesting that there’s still time to sit in the swing and read a bit.


I don’t know what constitutes the start to a perfect summer morning in your household, but for me it doesn’t get much better than this.