Mornings, or maybe not…

Morning drifts into my consciousness, hesitates and leaves again. On its next attempt it flits and flickers like a butterfly darting from one flower to another. Oh, bother! I guess it really is time to wake up. Eyes squinting against the light I ease out from under the duvet, stretch, stumble to the closet forContinue reading “Mornings, or maybe not…”

Coffee on the Deck

The sun crept through the trees and peeked in my window enticing me out of bed earlier than usual with its promise of indigo skies and toasty temperatures. For sure it’s a coffee-on-the-deck morning. Birds are busy twittering their breakfast conversations¬†as they search among the dewy garden plants. Theirs are the¬†only sounds interrupting this sereneContinue reading “Coffee on the Deck”