#wipMadness Day 19: Memories That Matter

Heritage items intrigue me although I’ve never been one to collect antiques. I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, either. I like things with a history that is significant to my family — with some kind of personal connection. That’s why I treasure this glassware. I doubt the pieces have any monetary value, but they belonged toContinue reading “#wipMadness Day 19: Memories That Matter”

Collections… or, why I have rocks and wood in my house

Different things fascinate different people. I lean towards items with textural appeal, like rocks, wood, and pottery. I have a collection of handmade pottery mugs… singletons, each chosen as a memento of a special place. This one came from Israel as a gift from my hubby when he visited there many years ago. The bitsContinue reading “Collections… or, why I have rocks and wood in my house”

Sweet Memories

My hubby’s favourite vegetables are green peas. He calls them the Vegetables of Heaven. I like them well enough, and serve them regularly, along with snow peas, and sugar or snap peas, but I far prefer Sweet Peas… ‘though not to eat, of course. The wonderful sweet scent of heritage Sweet Peas brings back memoriesContinue reading “Sweet Memories”

Time, Christmas Traditions and Memories

. What is it about Christmas that has us thumbing through old cookbooks searching for a particular recipe of Grandma’s? Why do we carefully unwrap ornaments that are old and dilapidated and take pleasure in displaying them in prominent locations on our decorated trees? This little cross has been on every tree since I wasContinue reading “Time, Christmas Traditions and Memories”

Blackberry Memories

. . Berries black and purple stain lips and fingertips as we pluck the heaviest from prickled vines, and eat twice as many as make it into the bucket. . Blackberry picking still evokes memories of many island holidays — a bramble-lined, gravel driveway to the big green gate with a weathered ‘Westgyle’ sign… .Continue reading “Blackberry Memories”

You only thought typewriters were obsolete!

. Typewriters are making a comeback. I know, it sounds ludicrous, but according to an article in the New York Times, it’s true. Among the comments on my last post was one by journalist Caitlin Kelly that took me to her Broadside blog. There she discussed the NYT article and reminisced about her early typewritingContinue reading “You only thought typewriters were obsolete!”