What Does Your Writing Do For You?

As a writer do you write for yourself or for others? When I ask that of myself, it’s a question for which I don’t have a definitive answer. Do you?

I’d like to hear what other writers say. Writers like Jodi Picoult and Mary DeMuth, for instance, tackle some pretty disturbing social issues… ones that many of us don’t like to think about. Via fiction and non-fiction they put a human face on personal struggles and tragedies. I sometimes wonder why.

Mary DeMuth knows why she has written her recently released THIN PLACES. Check out what she has to say in this video.

Would you have the courage to write with the kind of honesty this requires? If you did would it be as personal therapy or as a form of outreach — for yourself or for others? Lots of questions today, but I hope they make you think about what your writing is meant to accomplish.