#WIPMADNESS Week #5 Check-in: Growing and Timing

July is just about done. If you believe the calendar, summer isn’t quite half over, but in reality, nobody really knows what to believe. Some areas have had unbearable heat and scorching sunshine, while others have suffered through disastrous rainstorms. We had the wettest June on record here on BC’s west coast, and for a while were also on the way to the wettest July. Gardens sulked their way through weeks of cold rain.

Then an unfamiliar golden orb appeared in the sky, clouds scuttled off to the horizon, and gardens rushed to catch up on what they were meant to be doing in late July. Our blueberries began to ripen, and tightly furled flower buds finally raised their sodden faces and began to smile. After the long wait, everything suddenly became lush!

Just about that time, I came across a guest post by author Marcia Yudkin on the Writer Beware blog about growing as a writer and not rushing into publication. In her post entitled “In praise of ripening”, Marcia says, “A new variant from the Get Rich Quick world has sprung up, threatening much greater harm to vulnerable wannabees and to all of us who value writing worth reading.” She later concludes, “If you care about good writing, please help me spread the word that both authors and the public are better served by learning to write well before getting published.”

I’d quote more, but it would be better for you to click on over there and read it in its entirety. For those of us pushing to meet #wipmadness goals, her message prods us to see the value of due process in our quest. I hope you’ll read it, and then come back here to tell me if you agree with her.


Today is the last Monday of July and thus the fifth and final official check-in here for my fellow Wipsters. It’s also time to announce the winner of last week’s draw for a copy (digital or print) of K.M. Weiland‘s wonderful book, OUTLINING YOUR NOVEL. (Thanks for donating it, Kathy!)


Shari Green

(I tried not to pick her name. Honestly! I even tossed it back,
but it came up again, so I gave in and accepted that it was meant to be!)

Congratulations, Shari. Let me know if you prefer a digital or print copy
and I’ll pass the info on to Kathy.

This week’s draw will be for another novel of your choice from my summer reading basket (excluding the copy of Jane Kirkpatrick’s book, which Jaye chose as her Week #1 prize). Everyone commenting on today’s post between now and Saturday will be eligible, and each comment gets a separate entry.

After next weekend’s draw, the remaining names from all five weeks will be combined for one extra draw… for a copy of Julia Cameron’s THE SOUND OF PAPER. Because I won’t have access to the internet next weekend, however, the names of those two winners might be a day late getting posted. Don’t worry… if you forget to check back here to see who won, I’ll get in touch with the winners, as long as you leave me your e-mail address when prompted as you submit your comments.

I hope everyone’s month of writing and reaching for goals has been productive, and you’ll be equally enthusiastic about joining Jeanne Ryan for August’s challenges. Beginning August 6th you’ll find her Monday check-in posts at http://jeanneryan.com/ya-adenaline/.

Wishing all of you good summertime writing!

~  ~  ~