Oh, no! It’s almost March Madness time again!

Didn’t we just have Christmas? How can we possibly be on the eve of March? I could swear the calendar is lying to me, but there are people around me mentioning┬áMarch Madness in hushed voices. It’s the writing version (not football), and it’s a collaborative effort where we all — writers, readers, illustrators, and bloggersContinue reading “Oh, no! It’s almost March Madness time again!”

Oh, Spring… wherefore art thou?

Sleet pelts the windows, driven sideways by 50 km per hour gusts of wind. The storm was predicted and will be over by morning, although rain showers will continue. I’m not complaining. We had an unusually dry January and we need this moisture. But… well, yes I suppose I am complaining.┬áJust a wee bit. SnowdropsContinue reading “Oh, Spring… wherefore art thou?”