I. Am. A. Writer.


K.M. Weiland says a lot of things that grab me when I think I can sneak past with a cursory glance at her site. It’s that moment when time is limited and I promise myself I’ll just snatch a brief look at her topic du jour and get back to work. She never lets me get away with it. There is always something that captures my attention.

What was that???

I have a section in one of my writing binders with quotations and excerpts intended for inspiration and encouragement. Some of the entries are gleaned from her websites. One favourite:

Writing is both a gift and an art.

As a gift, it must be approached with humility: the writer is only the vessel through which inspiration flows.

As an art, it must be approached with passion and discipline: a gift that’s never developed wasn’t worth the giving.” 

[K M Weiland]


I found another gem in her post today that has already been printed out and added to my collection for days when I need reassurance — a reminder that, regardless of what I may think of my ability on any given day, I am a writer and my writing is important to me. I love what I do, and I will write with joy.



 Do you sometimes need a reminder that what you do as a writer is worthwhile?

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