Prose and poetry that delve deeper

Eyes closed mind focussed on a fragrance sparked by the image of lilacs   Sandy’s words a “fragrance of simplicity” explode a kaleidoscope of memories Lush blooms spilling from a milk glass jug set on grandma’s table glowing purple Dappled light filtering through heart-shaped leaves onto a lavender-strewn lawn at season’s end French white solemn in crystal beside a coffin pristine and gentle beautyContinue reading “Prose and poetry that delve deeper”

How much is too much of a good thing?

There’s a late-blooming lilac bush that grows near the corner of our back deck. As soon as its blossoms begin opening, its lush fragrance becomes the dominant scent in the garden. I cut some of the earliest flowers to bring inside, burying my nose in their pale purple sweetness. They are short-lived, blooming barely twoContinue reading “How much is too much of a good thing?”