Campfire Musings on Life

“Ohhhh!” A spark snaps from the embers and sizzles through the fleecy fabric of my shirt. I have a few sweatshirts and jackets that have been similarly annointed.  It’s just one of the hazards of sitting too close to a campfire — something I’ve been doing on summer nights for decades. I love a campfire…Continue reading “Campfire Musings on Life”

Resolutions and the Journey of Life and Writing

When I’m driving you can be sure I’m focused on the road ahead. I see the twists and turns, the potholes in the pavement, the mileage or street signs. I watch for pedestrians, traffic signals, and other vehicles. I don’t do a lot of sightseeing. That’s why, on a longer journey, I enjoy being theContinue reading “Resolutions and the Journey of Life and Writing”

Taking a Closer Look

I do it all the time. I hurry along, busy with daily trivia, looking at things as I go but not really seeing them. I’m physically there, but not focused on my surroundings. You know how it is when you glance at something and later can’t remember what it looked like? Fifteen years ago ourContinue reading “Taking a Closer Look”

Discovering the Shadows

Writing discoveries sometimes come from strange sources. Late last week I wandered around our yard on a sunny afternoon, noting the decline of summer perennials and enjoying the few remnants of late fall colours. The lilac leaves that usually provide a rich burgundy display were turning from green to yellow to dead on the ground. Continue reading “Discovering the Shadows”

Looking and Seeing

Seeing is a relative thing. A blind person may see things better than a sighted one simply because eyes can’t be depended upon to provide a mental image. Instead the object or view must be experienced to be fully observed. That’s one reason why I sometimes write with my eyes closed – so I canContinue reading “Looking and Seeing”

Look Where You’re Going!

“Look out!” and “Look where you’re going!” are common admonitions given to someone who is likely to stumble on an obstacle or uneven pathway. But taken literally it means so much more than just watching where you put your feet.   If we would frequently raise our eyes to the horizon might we not beContinue reading “Look Where You’re Going!”