Putting the ‘friend’ into cyber friendships

On her blog a few years ago, author Jody Hedlund questioned if our modern cyber world is distorting the meaning of the word ‘friend’. She asked, “How would you define a true friend and can you find that kind of friendship in the cyber world?” I’ve often thought about that question but never really comeContinue reading “Putting the ‘friend’ into cyber friendships”

Some gifts are like showers of blessings

. Rain pours and puddles, splashing the grime of the deck onto our dove grey siding. Overfull eavestroughs spill waterfalls into the garden beds, and trees dribble on my head while I hurry to and from the car. As much as I don’t usually mind rain, I’m tired of weeks filled with dull, sodden days.Continue reading “Some gifts are like showers of blessings”

“Life is Good”

The Christmas CDs have long since been tucked away. I parted with them reluctantly sometime late in January. There’s nothing stopping me from playing them year ‘round, of course, but it’s because I deprive myself of the music for so many months of the year that it re-emerges fresh and precious with each new AdventContinue reading ““Life is Good””

Versatility With Substance?

Holidays are my poor excuse for the delay in responding to Carol Benedict and Joylene Butler’s kindness in awarding me the Blog With Substance and Versatile Blogger awards. It’s such a precious gift to have one’s writing efforts acknowledged by other writers. Sincere thanks to both of you! Both awards come with similar although notContinue reading “Versatility With Substance?”

On What Rock Do You Build?

Today’s mail brought a glossy brochure advertising the opening of a new CornerStone Church in our area. I like the name. A cornerstone isn’t a complicated thing to understand. The dictionary defines it as a keystone, foundation, or basis – an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends. It makes me thinkContinue reading “On What Rock Do You Build?”

Lies and Truth Revealed

The day cometh and now is… that I must admit to my “bald faced lies” and disclose the truth. Further to Tuesday’s post where I acknowledged receiving the “creative writer” award from Joylene Butler, I’m here today to reveal all. Yea, Carol Benedict! You were the only person to guess correctly. #3 is absolutely true.Continue reading “Lies and Truth Revealed”

Lying My Way to an Award

Fiction writing is all about creating stories out of nothing. No, on second thought, that’s not entirely true. It’s about creating stories that evolve from a seed of reality… some small truth that evokes an idea, a possibility, that the writer’s brain can’t wait to develop into a plot. Recently Joylene Butler nominated me forContinue reading “Lying My Way to an Award”

Beautiful Blog or Blogger Award

Receiving an award is always an honour. There have been a number of awards circulating the blogosphere during the past year, each suggesting the recipient’s blog has been providing value to its readership. Joylene Butler surprised me with the “Beautiful Blogger Award” last week. I was honoured by this award but I admit to aContinue reading “Beautiful Blog or Blogger Award”

Sunshine Award

In my recent News ‘n Notes post I thanked Joylene Butler for sending the Sunshine Award my way. The conditions attached to the award are on her site so I didn’t repeat them but I also didn’t take the time to announce who I was passing the award on to (ooh, bad grammar there). ForContinue reading “Sunshine Award”

News ‘n Notes

I’ve been galavanting for the past few weeks, enjoying visits with family and friends in BC’s Kootenays and Okanagan. Precious times and lots of good memories, but it’s good to be home again. . Ten days ago there were grey skies and lots of clouds, but a blogging award from Joylene Butler definitely brought sunshineContinue reading “News ‘n Notes”