An Individual Approach Despite All the Advice and Non-Advice

It’s true. If you’ve been reading and reeling through the blogosphere you will have discovered that everyone has a different approach to writing. Every rule has an opposite rule, much like the “action and reaction” law*.

How many books and blog posts have you read with sound advice that was opposite to the excellent advice you found somewhere else? Have you discovered any other writer whose process of writing is exactly the same as yours?

Sometimes I forget that God made me as a unique individual. I am a single pebble grinding my way through a pile of gravel on a bumpy road. I look for rules to follow, directions to make my writing journey a success instead of embracing my individuality and trusting the instincts God has given me. For all my attempts to fit into the right mold there are an equal number of reasons why I shouldn’t.

Following a link on agent Janet Reid’s blog I came across a post by Sean Ferrell where he talks about his writing process.  I recognized his method of writing as being as uninhibited as mine. It made me take a deep breath and relax. It made me remember that one path may wander towards its destination while another follows a grid, only turning corners at intersections, but both will let you walk whichever one you choose to take.

I’d like to tell you all the things Sean Ferrell said, but it would be more effective if you just popped over to his blog and read it for yourself.

Me? I’m going to polish off the novel I’ve been revising, and then I’m moving on to the one that’s waiting to be finished… waiting to be told in its own way. Instead of worrying about the right words and how to say them, I’ll “write what I hear in me.” (Yes, those are Sean’s words.) I’ve read and absorbed all the rules to death. Now it’s time to trust myself. I’ve acted. Now it’s time to react.

Does your writing process cinch you into a mold or leave you free to follow the whims of your mind? Does it work for you?

*Newton’s third law:

“Every action has equal reaction in the opposite direction.”

Nothing is ever simple, including Blogging

Anyone who uses a computer regularly knows the unique frustration of competing with an inanimate object. Reason tells us that computers don’t think, but reality suggests they have a mind of their own. When the internet is added to the mix everything — and nothing — changes. I know that’s contradictory, but it’s true.


Like computers, cyberspace can be intriguing, helpful and annoying, all at the same time . Its opportunities are limitless but its frustrations can be mind-numbing. Various sites have become blogging hosts which open new opportunities for writers. A blog becomes a communication tool allowing access to a world-wide audience. At least it does when everything works right. When things mysteriously stop working it can drive you crazy.


Such seems to be the case for FinePrint Literary Management agent Janet Reid. I follow her blog regularly, but recently haven’t been able to access it. I missed my daily dose of her knowledge and wit. After a little searching I discovered her blog has moved. The explanation is in her own words:


“My other blog is on the injured reserved list for unknown reasons. Blogger doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong; none of my other blogs are affected, and I’ve reached the limit of my tolerance for trying to figure out what’s wrong. This is the new blog.” — Janet Reid


So here’s a “heads up” for you to update your links and bookmarks. If you’re hunting for Janet she’s now located at