Trying to Hide in a Crowd

. I know. The title doesn’t tell you much. But I relate rather well to the wolf in this Robert Bateman print that hangs on my family room wall. If you’ve ever wished you were invisible, you’ll understand why, being both a pastor’s wife and an introvert, I sometimes desperately wanted to hide in aContinue reading “Trying to Hide in a Crowd”

Non-Halloween Masks

I like to think that most people aspire to honesty. It’s that some-goodness-exists-in-everyone kind of optimism, I suppose. But when I delve into my psyche–really dig deep–I have to admit there’s a form of dishonesty that I’ve lived with all my life. It’s a non-criminal version, of course, but it’s dishonesty just the same. YouContinue reading “Non-Halloween Masks”