Re-entering the Writer’s World (i.e., Post Conference Determination)

This morning’s first rays of sunlight found a gorgeous place to touch down. The one and only Vine Maple on our acreage is visible from the kitchen windows and provided a wonderful first ‘welcome to Tuesday’ sight. I didn’t notice the colour yesterday. Monday was a grey morning, plus I have to admit my eyesContinue reading “Re-entering the Writer’s World (i.e., Post Conference Determination)”

Written and Photographic Snapshots

During my blogging absence over the past month I’ve taken an uncountable number of snapshots — hundreds of them — with my camera and iPhone. It makes me smile to remember a trip our family took in 1980 when, despite feeling significant guilt, I clicked through nineteen rolls of 35 mm film over the nine weeks’Continue reading “Written and Photographic Snapshots”

Difficult Deadlines

As writers we know all about deadlines, don’t we? They are entwined with commitments and are equally unpopular. There’s something about seeing a big circle looming on the calendar that automatically turns off my enthusiasm. At the very time when I need to be productive, I often can’t dredge up the necessary words. As the deadlineContinue reading “Difficult Deadlines”

Conference Reflections, Past and Present

The Surrey International Writers’ Conference was, as it always is for me, an incredible weekend. So many wonderful people to meet, informative workshops to attend, and inspirational opportunities to absorb. So many books available to buy (I would have liked one of each but settled on four). Each time I return home and begin reflecting, I say many of the sameContinue reading “Conference Reflections, Past and Present”

Is it Discipline or Discouragement?

When used correctly, crates and exercise pens are very handy tools for dog training. Like a child’s playpen, they can be overused, or used for the wrong reasons, but they are invaluable when it comes to having a safe place to contain a puppy and avoid the havoc he could wreak when left untended. Yes, he’d rather be outsideContinue reading “Is it Discipline or Discouragement?”

Writing in a fog?

Vivid blue skies accompanied us during the entire 800 kilometre drive on Saturday… at least, they did after the fog lifted. Until then, there wasn’t much of anything to see. As the early morning mist thinned, beautiful Moyie Lake was revealled. After that, the rest of the trip was a joy… just one cloudless vista after another.Continue reading “Writing in a fog?”

Confidence-building TLC for Writers

My lack of gardening skills isn’t news to most of you. I regularly mutter about the invasion of weeds and wild things throughout my rural garden. We’re on a well, so after their first year, most plants don’t even get watered unless the weather decides to rain down on them. It’s no wonder things barely survive fromContinue reading “Confidence-building TLC for Writers”

How to encourage the germ of an idea

The last pages were revised again and finally the novel went out on submission. I celebrated by reorganizing my office… adding a bookshelf donated by a family member (who gives away bookcases???) and clearing off my desk. Meanwhile, the smidgeon of a new idea was beginning to germinate. Like most of my novels-in-the-making, it began with aContinue reading “How to encourage the germ of an idea”

Finding Solitude and Serenity (or… this writer’s ideal retreat)

In my books, solitude and serenity go hand in hand. The ultimate in peacefulness is a week spent at our lakeside cabin where the only sound to break the silence is the occasional call of a loon, and the only company is wildlife wandering through in search of breakfast. For much of our week weContinue reading “Finding Solitude and Serenity (or… this writer’s ideal retreat)”

“Why should I write it for you?” asks Ms. Muse

Waiting. Wishing. Muttering a little. At some point in our writing endeavours haven’t we all been in that state of limbo where we have an idea but need a little inspiration to get it underway? Just yesterday I contemplated my Monday post and its conclusion that “without passion there are no words worth writing.” I’veContinue reading ““Why should I write it for you?” asks Ms. Muse”