Supporting a Young Singer/Songwriter’s Dream

I’m on a musical bandwagon again, drawing your attention to the On the Coast High School Singer/Songwriter Competition currently being hosted by CBC Radio here in Western Canada.

Seventeen-year-old Johnathan Booy, one of our church musicians and the lead singer of the band, Ibhendi that I mentioned last month, has entered the competition, albeit reluctantly. (He’s not happy with the quality of the hasty recording, and admittedly the vocals are difficult to hear, but it’s well worth making the effort.)

I’ve included the lyrics below, and the link to his song is here. I think it’s important to support our youth, and a career in music is Johnathan’s dream. He said the lyrics say something about where he wants to be at the end of his life, satisfied with what he’s accomplished, and are also a message to his grandfather, “who at 76 still can’t decide whether to retire.”

I’m shamelessly plugging him, and hoping you’ll check out the competition and maybe even cast a vote. 🙂  (Voting to determine the top ten finalists closes at midnight Sunday Pacific time.)



Look at me now, way up here, up in the clouds

I’m floating, to my resting place

With stars to light my way, and my night that becomes day

I’ve had my chance, to show the world, what I’m about

There’s a time, for all to shine

And a time we must let go, and allow those following us to grow


You see it’s all enough for a life, enough for a life

I know I’ve done enough in my life, I’ve done what I must

Enough for a life

I’ve left behind, my legacy, of which I’m proud

There’s no need to hang on now

To cling to what is done

I cannot live, my life again, or start anew

Remember, I’ve done my part, I’ve loved what’s there to love

And I know it’s been enough



Enough for a life (repeat)


Look at me now, way up here


Songwriting from Humble Beginnings

Every so often my posts on writing stretch into the realm of song writing. You’ve heard me brag a bit (here and here) about Ra McGuire and his iconic rock band, Trooper. Ra’s son, Connor McGuire, is the next generation of our McGuire family musicians, singing, writing and performing his own music. His EP Different After Dawn was released in 2007 and with his current band, The Lives of Others, he’s working on another to be released soon.

But out of my church family there’s another band emerging that deserves recognition. Ibhendi is a group of four talented teenagers who are singing, songwriting and performing out of Maple Ridge, BC and have just released their first EP, Humble Beginnings. I finally got my hands on a copy today, and I’m impressed!

All four boys –Johnathan Booy, Jonah Larmor, Regard Booy and Riley O’Connor – come from different musical backgrounds and, in their own words, “Nothing can come closer to a full description of Ibhendi’s origin than those two words, [i.e., the album title, Humble Beginnings]. Regard Booy only started playing bass because the band lacked a bass player. Riley O’Connor’s guitar had a broken head that was super glued to hold the tuning knobs. A small 10watt amp was the only amplifier in the group, and the drum kit was completed by borrowing bits and pieces from a church’s kit…. No one had any idea of where to begin looking for performance opportunities. But with perseverance, determination, and a dream, the four fought on, and slowly but surely, nothing became something.”

Now, doesn’t their journey remind you of ours as aspiring novelists… dreaming, determined, persevering and fighting to make something out of nothing? (You knew I’d find a way to apply this to our writing, didn’t you?)

Does your writing involve any poetry or songwriting (or both)?