Sometimes you just have to slog on through…

I imagine most people have heard the quote, “The best way out is always through.” [Robert Frost’s A Servant to Servants] I don’t know how many people agree with it, but it’s true for me as I muddle with decisions over renovation materials. Bit by bit we’ve been updating our twenty-seven year old home, upgrading portions of theContinue reading “Sometimes you just have to slog on through…”

Renos and Revisions: Decently and In Order

Renovations can be stressful. Being a contractor’s daughter, I shouldn’t be surprised by renovation woes — the delays, unavailability of ordered materials, and, of course, the mess. There’s a difference in being a contractor’s daughter, and being the affected homeowner. Now it’s personal. The problems that crop up, while apparently trivial to the contractors and suppliers, are aContinue reading “Renos and Revisions: Decently and In Order”

#wipMadness Day 12: Revising and Renovating

How is your second week of March Madness progressing, fellow Wipsters? I know some of us are working on new manuscripts this month, while others are revising, reworking or rewriting completed drafts. I’m one who likes the revision process, although I know not everyone does. I like finding ways to make the storytelling more effective evenContinue reading “#wipMadness Day 12: Revising and Renovating”

Renovation and Revision Chaos

. Anyone who has ever undertaken a home renovation project knows the utter chaos that descends on the household. This week my son’s family has been replacing interior doors and casings, and all the flooring in the house except for the basement. Carpets and vinyl in three bedrooms, the main hallway, living room, dining roomContinue reading “Renovation and Revision Chaos”