Simmering Summer

Today is the first in a forecasted series of 32oC days. I retreated indoors and closed blinds against the sun when breezes stilled and the motionless air outside became too heavy. Now slits of light leave stripes on the family room floor.  Except for the occasional flitting dragonfly, there is no movement out in the hovering afternoon heat. It’s quiet in a siesta sort of way as if everything is hunkered down to wait for evening’s respite.

Then life will return to the garden and surrounding forest. Blackbirds and Stellar jays will shriek from their hiding places while hummingbirds buzz back and forth jostling for position at the feeder. As I lug the watering can around to thirsty plants squirrels will chitter at my intrusion.

There is a sensual peace to summertime – a lazy, hazy lull, a breathless waiting… perhaps it’s for the refreshing splash of a passing rain shower.  I doubt there will be one this evening, though. Indigo skies are clear.

Does summertime heat immobilize you? Does it affect your writing? How do you stay cool?

(Update – I do realize that in places other than where I live, summer is bringing weather extremes that are anything but peaceful. I pray for people in those areas even as I write of my own experience.)

I take it all back. I AM complaining!

I know I said I wasn’t complaining. But today our 34o temperature made us the hot spot in Canada, breaking an all time record for the date. Last year June came in as the coldest in fifty years. This year it has come in hotter than has ever been recorded in the seventy years of record keeping. So, yes, I’m complaining about the heat and I think I’m justified, don’t you?

Did Someone Say It’s Summer?

I’m not complaining. Truly I’m not! After all, complaints were plentiful enough when Spring was late arriving and Winter’s chill lingered into May. So now that June has arrived with day after day of more than 30oC temperatures, we’re grateful, right? All those new forest fires mere miles from our summer cabin don’t worry us a bit, do they? I wouldn’t dare admit that I miss April’s showers!


Excuse me, but I need to go water the flowers. They’re wilting.