Facing Fears: Admissions of a Writing Introvert

Today I’m admitting to something I rarely talk about beyond the circle of family and close friends. And I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone by discussing it in a guest post on Jenn Hubbard’s blogs. ~ As gatherings go, the Surrey International Writers’ Conference is a big one for me. It’s my favourite weekend ofContinue reading “Facing Fears: Admissions of a Writing Introvert”

Paralyzed by Fear

. The fabric has well-defined folds and wrinkles from being squashed under a stack of tablecloths and placemats. It’s a batik I created somewhere around 1985. I’ve kept it because I enjoyed the experience of making it and love its colours, but it has resided in a drawer hidden under table linens for all theseContinue reading “Paralyzed by Fear”

Facing the Unfamiliar With Confidence

We’re into a brand new year – a pristine wilderness awaiting our exploration. Among the comments on one of my recent posts was one that has stuck in my mind. A writing friend admitted that she faces the publication of her second novel with a degree of fear…. something she recognizes as mimicking an earlierContinue reading “Facing the Unfamiliar With Confidence”

Fear, Faith, and the Foggy Swamp in Between

During March I swept aside doubt and decided to revise an old manuscript one last time.  It has something to do with my belief that the MC’s story should be told. Whilst being plopped into a fictional setting, the nucleus of his story is factual. There are times, however, when focusing on a message canContinue reading “Fear, Faith, and the Foggy Swamp in Between”