Be thankful you can raise a little hell

Here in Canada this is Thanksgiving Day and tomorrow is Election Day. At first glance that seems like an unfortunate combination. While the global financial world has been drowning, Canada’s stock market flounders in sympathetic dives and bellyflops, scaring home owners, investors and pensioners alike with its thrashing. Our present political situation doesn’t appear to be in a state for which thankfulness is a rational response.


But the very fact that we have the right and freedom to vote for the party that we believe can best address the situation is something for which we should be supremely thankful.


On her blog yesterday, Shari Green (DD 🙂 ) urged everyone to vote. She posted the Rick Mercer parody of Trooper’s hit song “Raise a Little Hell”.


“If you don’t like what you’ve got, why don’t you change it?”

“If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it!”

“If you don’t like what you see, why don’t you fight it?”

“If you know there’s something wrong, why don’t you right it?”

“Raise a little hell!”


I think Trooper is onto something!

I’m going to wear my Trooper T-shirt to the polls tomorrow and vote! Am I thankful that I can? You bet!