Tails of Woe

Our son and his family left this morning with the inlaws for an overseas holiday, and we’ve added their Labrador to our Labrador for the duration. She’s a very sweet-natured dog and gets along just fine with our equally lovable one.   Until today there wasn’t much dog hair around but suddenly I’ve discovered thatContinue reading “Tails of Woe”

“Dog Speak” Says More Than You Might Imagine

My dog rarely makes a sound. He talks with his ears. If he needs to go outside he stands in the hallway and just looks at us… and looks… and looks. And eventually I notice the angle of his ears. There’s something about the way he holds them that suggests anxiety. When I ask ifContinue reading ““Dog Speak” Says More Than You Might Imagine”

A Canine Wrecking Ball in Demolition Mode

Have you ever lived with a dog? A big one, that thinks he’s a person? We’ve had many dogs through the years, mostly the small-to-middling sized Shelties that I’ve bred and trained for over thirty years. But a few years ago we returned to the breed of my childhood, Labrador Retrievers, and I’m beginning toContinue reading “A Canine Wrecking Ball in Demolition Mode”