A Musician Wannabe (and Denise Jaden’s cover reveal)

I’m a musician wannabe. My smattering of mid-life piano lessons left me able to stumble through a piece of music well enough to discern the tune, but not well enough to keep up if someone wanted to sing along. How I fell into being a church choir director for almost nineteen years is a storyContinue reading “A Musician Wannabe (and Denise Jaden’s cover reveal)”

Everything Writing

This week my life is all about writing. Oh, I write pretty much every day, but there’s a special focus on it right now. On Tuesday I joined my daughter, Shari Green, for an evening hosted by the Golden Ears Writers in Maple Ridge. She and her fellow authors Denise Jaden and Dawn Ius Dalton tookContinue reading “Everything Writing”

Cover Reveal for FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Denise Jaden (plus a Special Giveaway)

  Author Denise Jaden’s next book, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, is due to be released this October. Denise is here today to let us in on the cover reveal, and she also has a special giveaway for us, involving Stephanie Perkins’ ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Read on to find out more.  ~ First, here are a few of Denise’sContinue reading “Cover Reveal for FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Denise Jaden (plus a Special Giveaway)”

Blog Tour: Denise Jaden’s FAST FICTION

Rather than doing a traditional interview-filled blog tour, Denise Jaden is celebrating the release of her new nonfiction writing book, FAST FICTION, by dropping tips about writing quickly at every stop of her blog tour, and offering some awesome prizes for commenting on any of these posts (including this one!) The more you drop byContinue reading “Blog Tour: Denise Jaden’s FAST FICTION”

What prompts us to say ‘Thank you’?

  First… it’s time for the announcement as promised on Friday! I put the Random Number Generator to work, and it has selected Comment #7, which, when I eliminate Denise’s comment, mine and Shari’s, turns out to be Laura Best’s. Congratulations, Laura! If you’ll e-mail your postal address to caroljgarvin[at]gmail[dot]com, I’ll send you the signedContinue reading “What prompts us to say ‘Thank you’?”

Book Reviews and Giveaway — WRITING WITH A HEAVY HEART and NEVER ENOUGH — Author Denise Jaden

When author Denise Jaden shares the experiences that have influenced how she handles grief in her writing, she doesn’t mince words. A miscarriage, the death of her father in a workplace accident, the head injury of her son and her husband’s place of business burning down, all happened in the span of four months, and suddenlyContinue reading “Book Reviews and Giveaway — WRITING WITH A HEAVY HEART and NEVER ENOUGH — Author Denise Jaden”

March Madness Challenge 2011

I’ve done it again — signed up for Denise Jaden’s MARCH MADNESS CHALLENGE. It’s not that I want to be publicly humiliated, or that I’m enamored by failure. Committing to a specific goal has a way of pushing me into a do-or-die mind set, and I really don’t want to die. The Challenge has beenContinue reading “March Madness Challenge 2011”

Launched: Author Denise Jaden

It’s not often a debut author does a reading and signs books and takes over the centre of a gallery floor to dance at her book launch.  But the launch today of Denise Jaden’s YA novel LOSING FAITH was no ordinary event. Friend, mentor and fellow author James McCann was the MC. Members of Denise’sContinue reading “Launched: Author Denise Jaden”

My March Madness

Remember NaNoWriMo — that month-long obsession with writing throughout November? Guess what? Denise Jaden has invited writers to join her for a similar project, March Madness… and I succumbed. Yikes!! Despite all my revision attempts this past year I haven’t been happy with one of my older manuscripts. March Madness will provide the opportunity forContinue reading “My March Madness”