This is Canadian Democracy?

I don’t do political rants. I don’t. But today’s antics by our Canadian government have me so frustrated and angry I want to scream and beat my head against a wall!


I can’t believe the man who was rejected by voters just six weeks ago, the man defeated so profoundly that he has to step down as leader of his party, is attempting to use a coalition deal to slip through the back door and become Prime Minister. What an affront to our democratic process. And how ironic is it that the coalition requires the participation of a separatist to make it work?


Today’s turmoil was reflected on the stock market, with the TSX taking the biggest one day drop ever. With the current financial uncertainty this isn’t the time to spend $300M on another election and yet it appears an election will be the only alternative to the coalition.


The situation almost leaves me speechless. Almost. There may be fodder here for fiction!