Staying Focused

Living rurally provides me with opportunities to enjoy wildlife of several varieties, literally on my doorstep. You’ve seen photos and read stories here of deer in our garden, bear on the back lawn, raccoons on the deck, and a great assortment of birds and critters at our feeders. This nice looking buck appeared in the back yardContinue reading “Staying Focused”

Deer Friends

The fawn hesitates, oversize ears rotating as he watches me take his picture from the window. I’m sure he can’t hear me, but he stares unblinking, hoping the shape of me behind the glass is nothing. Hoping he is invisible. On his rump there is a curious black and white mark that identifies him asContinue reading “Deer Friends”

Salad Greens and Aborted Efforts

Warmer pre-Spring days urge new growth in the gardens. It’s such a delight to see signs of the coming season everywhere. Buds are bursting on our lilac bushes and in the woods around our home, while the Lenten rose blossoms and leaves of emerging daylilies dip and sway in the still chill breezes. Not allContinue reading “Salad Greens and Aborted Efforts”