Prose and poetry that delve deeper

Eyes closed mind focussed on a fragrance sparked by the image of lilacs   Sandy’s words a “fragrance of simplicity” explode a kaleidoscope of memories Lush blooms spilling from a milk glass jug set on grandma’s table glowing purple Dappled light filtering through heart-shaped leaves onto a lavender-strewn lawn at season’s end French white solemn in crystal beside a coffin pristine and gentle beautyContinue reading “Prose and poetry that delve deeper”

Watching and Waiting: a poem

You may be getting tired of my bear photos, but I’m hoping you’ll bear with me a little longer. (I honestly didn’t intend that to be a pun!) I’ve been taking part (after a fashion) in a book study being done by a group of us on Facebook, organized by Sandra Heska King. The book is MAKING MANIFEST:Continue reading “Watching and Waiting: a poem”