Books as Wall Art?


One of the bloggers I encountered during my ‘Freshly Pressedadventure is very crafty. In checking out her blog, Almost Never Clever, I discovered her living room wall art project – a framed collage of sections taken from used books.

This involved cutting apart dozens of books, something that normally would make readers and writers cringe. It’s akin to writing in the margins, highlighting and underlining. Some of us do that with wanton abandon; others can’t bring themselves to the desecration.

I have a musical friend who framed old sheets of music for her music room wall and I thought she was a genius. But dissembling books is so permanent. I’m not sure if I could do it. On one hand, the art focuses attention on beloved pieces of literature, features favourite passages. On the other, it’s destructive… almost seems cannibalistic to one who views her books as old friends.

What do you think? My question isn’t intended to direct criticism at the artist because art is always a personal expression of creativity. I’m just wondering if such a project would appeal to you. Is it something you could do without hesitation?