Patience and Endurance…

The Coquihalla Highway was closed Monday due to a major snowfall. As we travelled homeward on Tuesday — the last day of April — a lot of the snow had disappeared, but it certainly didn’t resemble spring. The above verses of Romans (8:25 and 5:4) seemed particularly appropriate. There’s no rushing springtime. We just haveContinue reading “Patience and Endurance…”

So, how’s your writing journey going?

. Sometimes it’s clear sailing, and sometimes… um, it’s not. During our December travels we encountered all kinds of weather. For the most part, the roads were good. On the homeward portion of the trip, as we left Cranbrook, BC, we traveled north for a time in a trench between two mountain ranges. It was a gloriousContinue reading “So, how’s your writing journey going?”

“For the Beauty of the Earth…”

During our travels this past weekend we climbed mountain passes where cooler temperatures had created autumn’s colours in all their God-given glory. The first couple verses of Pierpoint’s hymn, “For the Beauty of the Earth” repeatedly sang themselves in my head and made my heart join in: For the beauty of the earth, For the gloryContinue reading ““For the Beauty of the Earth…””

Challenging Changes

. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Our trip home from the Okanagan mid-week was one of those things. The afternoon’s drive started out pleasantly enough. Sunshine. Picture-perfect clouds. Hardly any traffic. I barely noticed as more clouds snuck in… … until suddenly, well along the mountainous Coquihalla Highway, the darkened skies dumped theirContinue reading “Challenging Changes”