Queries and Submissions… Oh, my!

It’s a no-brainer: writers love to write. Find a plot or an interesting character lurking in the brain’s back room and away we go, plotting (or not) and happily unravelling story complexities for hours, days, probably weeks… to the exclusion of all sorts of potential distractions. Housework? It can wait. Family? They’ll understand. Grocery shopping?Continue reading “Queries and Submissions… Oh, my!”

Surrounded by Changes

Changes are happening. We expect them at this time of year — leaves turning colour and drifting to the ground, blossom heads crumpling and wild grasses flattening into gold and brown. Despite the exceptional sunshine and continuing daytime warmth, we’re beginning to turn up thermostats against the chill of evenings and hunt our favourite sweatersContinue reading “Surrounded by Changes”