Desk Deliberations

. Computers have not only changed how we write, they’ve changed where we write. No, this photo wasn’t taken recently, but it shows one of the places my laptop and I can go to write on warm summery days. (That’s assuming we’re eventually going to get summer this year.) I know I’m more efficient whenContinue reading “Desk Deliberations”

You only thought typewriters were obsolete!

. Typewriters are making a comeback. I know, it sounds ludicrous, but according to an article in the New York Times, it’s true. Among the comments on my last post was one by journalist Caitlin Kelly that took me to her Broadside blog. There she discussed the NYT article and reminisced about her early typewritingContinue reading “You only thought typewriters were obsolete!”

Google Doodles and Search Options

There are many search engines to help us find things on the Internet. In fact, many is an understatement. I found an alphabetical list and only got to the K’s before counting 100! I’m sure you’ve heard of the most popular ones such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Cuil, Excite, and Lycos. One that I’mContinue reading “Google Doodles and Search Options”

Mac or PC?

In a blog comment on my News ‘n Notes post, Lindsay said, “… this Apple [Tablet] reader is bad news. I’m already a total Apple junkie (ipod, iphone, macbook, imac, check!) and now another toy I’ll have to have….” And it started me thinking. My Mac-computer-lovin’ self has always been outnumbered by PC users butContinue reading “Mac or PC?”

Nothing is ever simple, including Blogging

Anyone who uses a computer regularly knows the unique frustration of competing with an inanimate object. Reason tells us that computers don’t think, but reality suggests they have a mind of their own. When the internet is added to the mix everything — and nothing — changes. I know that’s contradictory, but it’s true.   LikeContinue reading “Nothing is ever simple, including Blogging”

Today’s Musings

  MUSINGS – 1 Rain slashes across the sky obliterating everything but a vague view of the nearby trees. Am I complaining? Definitely not! Every time I peer out the window I can tell there is less snow on the ground. I’ll be happy if the rain continues until the last vestige of snow disappears.Continue reading “Today’s Musings”

It’s a Clicking Addiction

Various media reports suggest people are beginning to consider video gaming fascination and internet obsession as a borderline addiction. There are stories of young and not-so-young fanatics closeting themselves for several hours a day to the detriment of their health as well as home, school and work responsibilities. That seemed just a teeny tiny bitContinue reading “It’s a Clicking Addiction”

Making Tasks Harder Than They Need To Be

This isn’t a rant. At least, I don’t think it is. Then again, I rant about things that drive me crazy and this does. Didn’t I recently complain about word processing software that thinks it’s smarter than I am? Yes I did.   During all our post-power-surge equipment replacement hoopla new software was on theContinue reading “Making Tasks Harder Than They Need To Be”

A Tree is a Tree is a Tree…

Our couple of semi-rural acres are totally surrounded by trees, mostly evergreen, and I love them. I love their stature, their lush greenery, the privacy they give us and the habitat they provide for wildlife. We’ve removed a few through the years but never felt that any of the others were a risk to ourContinue reading “A Tree is a Tree is a Tree…”

Tuesday Twosome

  I’m ranting today, not once but twice.   The first frustration is war. Since this is Remembrance Day I am remembering not one war but many. I am remembering that over a hundred thousand Canadian lives have been lost in wars. Members of my family have done their part to try and counteract oppressionContinue reading “Tuesday Twosome”