Making appropriate use of quirkiness in our characters

. Recently Jeanette Levellie had us sharing our pet peeves and Jessica Patch talked about our quirks. They were referring to those things that either annoy us or seem peculiar. The thing is, neither is unusual. Don’t we all have them? I admit to some idiosyncrasies (only the unkind would say they border on OCD).Continue reading “Making appropriate use of quirkiness in our characters”

How Many Character Flaws are Too Many?

In my cyberspace explorations this morning I came across a comment (I’m sorry, I can’t remember exactly where) that said, “In general, when characters are too perfect, too good to be true, they’re just flat.” It’s true, of course, and as I contemplate my current protagonist I wonder if he’s “too perfect”. He is a goodContinue reading “How Many Character Flaws are Too Many?”