Tails of Woe

Our son and his family left this morning with the inlaws for an overseas holiday, and we’ve added their Labrador to our Labrador for the duration. She’s a very sweet-natured dog and gets along just fine with our equally lovable one.


Until today there wasn’t much dog hair around but suddenly I’ve discovered that not one but both dogs are commencing their summer shed. A little dog hair is normal fare in our family. After all, as breeders of Shetland Sheepdogs we’ve had dozens of dogs – long-haired ones at that – over the years. But we have a new carpet, too. Not just “a” new carpet, but one that turned out to be the wrong colour and is soon to be replaced. Until then we need to keep this one clean… very clean… because after it comes up it’s going to be laid elsewhere.


We should just let the dogs stay outside but that’s not going to happen. First of all, the weather forecast for the rest of the week is 30o C. And second, sporting dogs or not, they’re both accustomed to being pampered family members. Banishing them is unthinkable.



So we’re resigned to two dogs discarding arrow-tipped loose hair that will imbed firmly into the carpet pile, eight rather large feet tracking in mud from the damp garden after a quick romp, two sets of jowls dribbling mouthfuls of water on a trail from the water dish to wherever we happen to be (why is it they never swallow that last gulp?), and, of course, their best weapon of destruction—two very long, very sturdy tails clearing coffee mugs and wine glasses from the coffee tables onto the carpet. Sigh. I’ll just keep an extra towel handy and plan to vacuum frequently.


But not this evening. It’s Canada’s 142nd birthday and we’re about to have dinner out on the deck, dogs included, of course. Spills and soil don’t matter out there.


Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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