When sunsets and stories are “too quiet”

This past week I’ve been on a ‘sunset-photo-collecting spree. Every evening the sky has flamed with streaks of gold and orange, apricot, pink and purple, and occasionally even red. It’s been glorious!

(A click will enlarge photos for an improved view.)

I wasn’t seeking impressive photo compositions, just shots of the sky, but in the city it isn’t easy to find a location with an uninterrupted view of the heavenly display. My choice of picture-taking locations are pretty tame compared to my son-in-law’s innovativeness. Some shots turned out uninteresting, despite the colours… a little too “quiet”. Then I came across literary agent Carly Watters’ recent blog post about stories being too quiet and was intrigued with the comparison — even good writing can produce uninteresting results. As Carly puts it, “It can be very well written but it might fall into the ‘forgettable’ category.” What makes a novel stand out? Or, conversely, what causes it to be forgettable? Check out Carly’s post here, and then evaluate your current work. Will it stand out as an extraordinary read, or just an ordinary one?


(Carly Watters is an Associate Agent at the P.S. Literary Agency.)

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