Archives: There’s No Sin in Being Good to Yourself

When it came time to find words for today’s post, I had none. I wandered through my archives, looking for something to ‘re-run’, and one title appealled, so I’m reposting it. Sometimes being good to oneself is as important as being good to someone else. I clicked on the link in the first paragraph toContinue reading “Archives: There’s No Sin in Being Good to Yourself”

Writers Supporting Writers

  Two weeks ago a fellow writer, Sandi Rog, on the very day her first novel, The Master’s Wall, was released, was also diagnosed with Stage 4 T-cell Lymphoma, and began immediate chemo. What should have been a day of excitement was instead filled with shock and devastation.   Under her blog’s name, Dare to Dream,Continue reading “Writers Supporting Writers”

Terry Fox Remembered

Thirty years ago today Terry Fox began his Canadian coast to coast Marathon of Hope. His goal was to raise one million dollars for cancer research. He ran an incredible average of 42 km a day for 143 days. Unfortunately cancer stopped him before he could complete the run, and at age 22 it tookContinue reading “Terry Fox Remembered”

There’s No Sin in Being Good to Yourself

A blog called “Toil, Solitude, Prayer: Writing as a Practice” caught my attention recently. It is a secondary blog for author Patry Francis who is returning to her writing after a six month hiatus following surgery for cancer. The blog is recording her attempt to add several daily disciplines to her life that will helpContinue reading “There’s No Sin in Being Good to Yourself”