Book Review & Giveaway: REBELLIOUS HEART by Jody Hedlund

When I first encountered Jody Hedlund back in mid-2009, she was a new blogger seeking representation and publication for her writing. She often used examples from PILGRIM’S PROGRESS in her posts, and admitted a passion for John Bunyan. So it was no surprise when her first published novel was a story loosely based on theContinue reading “Book Review & Giveaway: REBELLIOUS HEART by Jody Hedlund”


For someone who never used to read Christian fiction, I keep surprising myself by finding an increasing number of Christian novelists on my list of favourite authors. Jody Hedlund topped the list after the release of her debut novel, THE PREACHER’S BRIDE in 2010. Each year since then I have waited impatiently for, and eagerlyContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: A NOBLE GROOM by Jody Hedlund”

Book Review: AS GRANDMA SAYS by Judith Robl

. Judith Robl’s grandmother obviously made an unforgettable impression with her homespun axioms and adages – ones such as “How do you know you can’t unless you try?” “Don’t burn your bridges before you cross them,” “If your head won’t work, your heels must,” and “You will not make a scene and disgrace the family.”Continue reading “Book Review: AS GRANDMA SAYS by Judith Robl”