Cover Design in Less Than Two Minutes (a reprise)

We’ve been sharing information here on the designing of book covers and I remembered a related post I wrote three years ago that I thought you might enjoy seeing again. (More accurately, I seized this opportunity to use something from the archives because I forgot to write a post last night. There! I’ve admitted it… but it fits in so well with my last few posts that I don’t feel one bit guilty.)

Here’s a time-lapse video that cleverly utilizes the process, condensing a six hour process into less than two minutes. It’s fascinating, albeit dizzying. In it, the Creative Director of Orbit Books, Lauren Panepinto,  displays her process for designing the cover of Gail Carriger’s Blameless. While vampires and werewolves aren’t my genre of choice, I thought the resulting cover was a good example of what Rachel Cole said in Friday’s post, that the cover design must reflect the genre, or potential readers won’t pick it up.

There’s more about the the making of this video on the Orbit Books website, and a further detailed commentary by Lauren Panepinto on the Design Related website.

It all goes to show that creating exactly the right cover isn’t a simple process.

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Cover Design in Less Than Two Minutes

A few bloggers have recently shared information on the designing of their book covers. Here’s a trailer that cleverly utilizes the process to promote the book. It’s fascinating, albeit dizzying. Thanks to Dystel & Goderich Literary for drawing it to my attention on Facebook.

Of Shampoos and Book Covers

I like my shampoo. It does everything I need it to (well, admittedly I don’t get that thick mass of lustrous curls that the model on TV flings over her shoulder, but it gets my hair clean) and I like its fragrance. I’ve been using the same brand for several years and wasn’t planning to switch to anything else.


Then I ran short and went shopping for more. That’s when I did what I normally would never do. I bought something on impulse because I liked the packaging. It was still shampoo and it was still the same brand.  The blurb on the bottle said it was a new natural formula – I did read it… honestly, I did — but what sold me was the soft green design and lid.  It drew me like a magnet. It also matched my bathroom. Sold! Even though it doesn’t smell as nice as the other formula, I’ll continue to use this one and probably buy more when it’s gone. Did I mention I really love that green?

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but covers do help sell books. Yes, we’ll read the back cover blurb and make sure the genre is what we’re looking for, but the likelihood is that the cover will be the first thing that catches our attention.


What is it about a book’s cover that draws you to pick it up? How likely are you to buy a book with an unappealing cover design?