Blogging hiatus and a little R & R

The hot weather’s back and the timing is perfect for me to take a bit of a blogging break. I’m heading offline for a couple weeks, hoping to get a little extra writing done and maybe squeeze in some R & R. I’ll be back in the traces and on schedule again by mid-August. Probably. Maybe. (ButContinue reading “Blogging hiatus and a little R & R”

Contemplating blog changes…

Our marsh in the late evening is a quiet place. The birds are silent, geese and ducks have hidden away for the night, and the tree frogs haven’t begun their chirping. The stillness is only broken by the occasional buzz of a passing insect. It’s changed a lot in the time we’ve lived here. SixteenContinue reading “Contemplating blog changes…”

Using Photography in Writing

. Not everyone who writes wants to create their own photos to accompany articles and blog posts, and with the availability of free graphics online, it’s relatively easy to find suitable illustrations when we need them. Photos are often the inspiration for my posts here. I look through my digital albums until I see oneContinue reading “Using Photography in Writing”

“Life is Good”

The Christmas CDs have long since been tucked away. I parted with them reluctantly sometime late in January. There’s nothing stopping me from playing them year ‘round, of course, but it’s because I deprive myself of the music for so many months of the year that it re-emerges fresh and precious with each new AdventContinue reading ““Life is Good””

Valentine’s Day Romance Blogfest

It’s official. Jordan McCollum is hosting a Romance Blogfest to help celebrate St. Valentine’s Day next Monday. It’s easy to participate, and a fun way to exercise your romantic creativity as well as meet other bloggers. Go add your URL to the ‘Mr. Linky’ on Jordan’s page now, then write something on the theme, “Love at firstContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Romance Blogfest”

Making Better Use of My Time

  Google Reader helps keep my blog-reading habit under control. One day I took the time to enter the URLs of my favourite blogs as ‘subscriptions’ and now I can access them all in one place. A quick glance lets me know which ones have new postings so I don’t have to waste time travellingContinue reading “Making Better Use of My Time”

#amwriting and #nanowrimo

There’s a lot being said about social networking these days – some of it good, and some not so much. I crept into the blogging world a couple years ago to initiate my internet visibility, and since then have discovered many wonderful online friends. Then I was coaxed into the world of Facebook, mostly toContinue reading “#amwriting and #nanowrimo”

Three, Two, One, Go! NaNoWriMo’s Underway

This is it! On Canada’s west coast NaNoWriMo 2010 is now underway and I’m settling in for thirty days of… what? Sore butt, aching back, callused fingertips and strained eyes. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like much fun, but I’m stoked to thrash my way through the first very rough draft of the novelContinue reading “Three, Two, One, Go! NaNoWriMo’s Underway”

Versatility With Substance?

Holidays are my poor excuse for the delay in responding to Carol Benedict and Joylene Butler’s kindness in awarding me the Blog With Substance and Versatile Blogger awards. It’s such a precious gift to have one’s writing efforts acknowledged by other writers. Sincere thanks to both of you! Both awards come with similar although notContinue reading “Versatility With Substance?”

Wordle Reminiscence and a Word of Thanks

Exactly two years ago I posted my first blog entry entitled, “Becoming Visible,” the text of which forms the Wordle on this page. Chickadees and Flickers found their way into that post, providing examples of how I felt about venturing online with my writing. I said, “It occurs to me that such birdy behaviour is reminiscentContinue reading “Wordle Reminiscence and a Word of Thanks”